In 1992, John Hornsby and other local musicians began exploring the idea of creating a community organization where teenagers could engage in music-making activities each day after school. The concept for the Music Resource Center was driven by the belief that young people benefit from the pursuit of productive and creative activities, like writing and performing music, and that by establishing such an entity, the need for a collaborative space wherein like-minded peers could work together in the realization of self-expression could be fulfilled. The MRC works with teens of all musical abilities, especially with adolescents from low-income households who would otherwise never have access to the expensive equipment and instruction we provide.

The original home of the Music Resource Center was a practice space for the Dave Matthews Band located above Trax, a popular local music venue at the time. In 2004, the band was instrumental in providing the current home of the MRC in the historical site of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church on 105 Ridge St. in downtown Charlottesville. Dave Matthews and the rest of the band members continue to participate on the Advisory Council of the MRC in addition to providing support to the center alongside multitudes of businesses, corporations, and individuals throughout the Charlottesville community and across the country.

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Today, the Music Resource Center serves hundreds of teens annually and reaches hundreds more each year through partnerships with local schools and other local community organizations. With a professional staff trained in various avenues of music education, audio engineering, production and dance, the Music Resource Center is now in its 22nd year of developing dynamic teens in order to create a more vibrant community.

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While many of our youth experience extraordinarily difficult circumstances, the resources we provide enable these teens to reach their potential as extraordinary people.   We accomplish this by using the universal language of music to foster consistent positive relationships with our students, teaching them how to make the music that is meaningful to them and creating opportunities for self-expression, personal achievement and community contribution.

We believe this approach is capable of:
• Interrupting or reversing downward developmental trajectories
• Diminishing the causes or impact of stressful situations
• Reducing the negative chain reactions that characterize pathogenic family or school situations
• Promoting the development and maintenance of self-efficacy
• Creating beliefs or loyalties that are incompatible with deviant behaviors
• Providing opportunities for positive educational, vocational and personal growth


Alice Fox

Executive Director

Mike Moxham
Program Director

Ike Anderson
Membership Coordinator, Dance Instructor

Lucas Brown
Marketing & Communications Director


Adrian Keevil


Chad Morgan


Rick Wampler


Todd Edgerton


Bill Bailey

Board Member

Mike Derdeyn

Board Member / Legal Counsel

Ben Eppard

Board Member

Colleen Chulis

Board Member

Jamal Millner

Board Member

Jack Horn

Board Member

Brooke Correll

Board Member

Alice Fox

Executive Director

Jason Kapp

Board Member

John Baxton

Board Member

Ed Freeman

Board Member


John Alagia

Lisa Demaso

John McCutcheon

Jay Bougeois

Terri Allard

Corey Harris

Lucas Reynolds

Carter Beauford

Stefan Lessard

Boyd Tinsley

John D’earth

Dave Matthews

Claude Worrell, II